Project Overview


Complete a research project to identify whether and which jobs in the skilled trades are in demand in the geographical area served by the local network. For this project, “in- demand” is defined in a relative manner and could include jobs with high employment opportunities/openings and strong earnings potential, offering work in a key industry in the local area or many industries, or has been identified by employers in the local area. The skilled trades are defined as trades that are prescribed in regulation under the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009.  There are 156 trades in Ontario. They are divided across four sectors (i.e., construction, industrial, motive power, and service), and they are either compulsory or voluntary.

This project will include:

  1. Identifying which jobs in the skilled trades, if any, are in demand in the geographical area served by the local network and producing a list of in-demand trades based on quantitative and qualitative analysis;
  2. Comparing jobs in-demand in the skilled trades in the local area with provincial-level employment outlook for apprenticeable occupations that are published on the Job profiles on;
  3. Examining whether employers are experiencing issues in recruiting, training and retaining apprentices, including by trade type, size of employer and sector;
  4. Identifying issues affecting employers’ recruitment and/or retention of workers and apprentices for skilled trades that are reported as in demand;
  5. Examining employers’ experience in training apprentices;
  6. Examining whether employers anticipate an increased demand for skilled tradespeople in geographic area, including by trade type;
  7. Identifying potential misalignment between trades that are in-demand and supply conditions in the geographical area served by the local network; and
  8. Examining how local employers are addressing demand for workers in the skilled trades.


Project Timeline

May 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020


Project Status – IN PROGRESS

Our work plan for undertaking this research project has been approved by the Province of Ontario.

A survey to collect the employer perspective on the apprenticeship system is currently open and can be completed here. If you would like to speak in person on this topic, please reach out to Tashlyn Teskey at

Project Rationale:

This project is being undertaken by all 8 Local Employment Planning Councils in Ontario, as a requirement under our contract with MTCU.


Project Contact:

Tashlyn Teskey, Manager of Projects & Research

226-674-3220 ext. 857