Project Overview

Best practice guides for employers looking to provide experiential learning opportunities, educators hoping to incorporate experiential learning inside and outside of the classroom, and parents looking to support career exploration through experiential learning at home. Employers and mentors are connected with educators, students, and service providers to facilitate on the job learning opportunities.

Project Status – COMPLETED

To learn more about each of the five components for the Experience for Success project click below:

  1. Experiential Learning Events & Opportunities
  2. Experiential Learning Toolkits and Guides
  3. Experiential Learning Hub
  4. Test Drive Blog Series
  5. How to Promote Experiential Learning in Your Community

Experiential Learning Events & Opportunities

Workforce WindsorEssex knows how important it is for students and young people to be exposed to potential careers at earlier ages, which is why as part of this project, we have organized or helped to organize the following experiential learning events in our community:

Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day was held on October 6th, 2017, and provided local students with the opportunity to tour various manufacturing facilities in the region to learn about what they do.

Build A Dream

Build A Dream was held on November 2nd, 2017, giving over 600 secondary school girls and their parents the opportunity to meet with STEM, skilled trades, and law enforcement employers and hear from women in those fields.

Take a Walk in My Shoes

In March 2018, local Health & Wellness SHSM students were able to take part in Take A Walk in My Shoes at Windsor Regional Hospital. The students were able to visit 7 different departments throughout the hospital, including family birthing, pharmacy, laboratory, and the operating room. Due to high demand from students, a second event was held on May 29th, 2018.

Teacher Group Tours

While we have done many events for students, we are excited to take teachers from CSC Providence on a Tour of Windsor-Essex Employers. Teacher groups will all visit 3 different employers to learn more about the various promising sectors we have in our region.

To learn more about Manufacturing Day, Build a Dream and Take a Walk in my Shoes events click below:

Educator’s Toolkit and guides for parents and employers

Below you will find the Educator’s Toolkit as well as the Parent and Employer Guides for Experiential Learning. To aid in the creation of the toolkit and guides, students and employers were surveyed about their personal successes with experiential learning opportunities and to provide input on how to make experiential learning opportunities even better for local students and job-seekers.

Experiential Learning Hub

Workforce WindsorEssex operates the Experiential Learning Hub in an effort to help match employers and mentors with interested students and educators, so that new experiential learning opportunities can be created locally. To learn more click below:

Test Drive Blog Series

Want to read about the experiences that local students have with experiential learning? To read more about the students, educators and employers who are participating in local experiential learning programs click below:


How to Promote Experiential Learning in your Community

To help other communities learn from our experiences promoting experiential learning, we’ve launched a webpage that captures our experiences and valuable tips.