Entrepreneurship is a great career choice for students. Almost every occupation can start their own business – chef, dentist, plumber, accountant, hairdresser – the list is endless. Most businesses in our communities started from an idea, whether it is opening a franchise or starting a flower shop. Examples of entrepreneurship are all around us. Whether or not a student pursues post-secondary education, they should be aware that starting their own business is an option.

There are several ways to help your students learn more about what it is to be an entrepreneur. Students can learn how to bring an idea to reality by seeing local examples first-hand. This can be through tours or guest speakers. Exposure to local success stories provides a connection between business and education. An event similar to Manufacturing Day, but for entrepreneurship, would provide students with success stories, tours, and an opportunity to ask questions.

Trying small, manageable experiments can also give students hands-on experience. This can be through starting a company as part of a semester-long course project. Provide resources to assist such as mentorship, seed money, and supports. This gives students the opportunity to try an idea in a safe environment.

Some organizations in Windsor-Essex offer programs specifically for students. Details on these programs can be found in the Entrepreneurship Support Organizations section. Contact them for more information on programs and supports that can assist your students from idea to launch to growth.