Tell us about your organization

Diabergs Transformation is an end-to-end data solutions provider developing customized software, utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning in FinTech, Health Data and AgriTech spaces. We have worked in the worked with multi billion dollar companies including Bayer, General Dynamics, Compuware, Bell and Macy’s.


What advice would you give to newcomers to WindsorEssex who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

Don’t give up on your dreams but at the same time don’t assume that just because you’ve dreamt it that success will fall into your lap. It will require long-hard working hours and years before your making money but when you do the reward will be that much more rewarding knowing that it is your creation.


How did you decide entrepreneurship was the path you wanted to take?

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial drive. My family was full of entrepreneurs. I’ve started other businesses that have not done well. I didn’t give up.

My partner does not have the entrepreneurial instinct. He has a Ph.D. and a technical sensibility that goes well beyond the norm. I am working on a Ph.D. but have the complement to his technical side. We both bring something to the table that together helps us to thrive.


What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

To be resilient and relentless to achieve your dream/goal. Obstacles should be a bump in the road not a sinkhole. It’s all about perspective and attitude.


Why is entrepreneurship a beneficial career in W-E?

It’s essential because we have a very diverse talent base that is completely untapped and waiting for you to utilize it before it moves out of town. Tonnes of tech start up assistance locally. The entrepreneurial community is just on the brink of an explosion, locally.

Be a part of something bigger than you. Break out of your comfort zone to grow beyond your current horizon.