Project Overview

This project aims to increase the development, attraction, and retention of ICT talent in Windsor-Essex through 3 different initiatives. First, Workforce WindsorEssex is hosting an ICT Leadership Table each quarter for employers, educators, students, workers, and community partners in ICT to meet and discuss local ICT issues and develop actions to address these issues. Second, we are working with local ICT companies to develop 6 profile videos to showcase ICT opportunities in Windsor-Essex. Third, we are surveying students, workers, employers, and educators to gain their perspective on ICT in Windsor-Essex and will use these results along with existing data to write a report on the state of ICT in Windsor-Essex as well as a bulletin with recommendations to create an ICT “brain gain” in Windsor-Essex.

Information and Communication Technology is defined as producing goods or services, or supplying technologies used to process, transmit, or receive information.


To learn more about each of the three components of the Decoding the ICT Workforce Project, click below:

  1. ICT Leadership Table
  2. Video Profiles of Local ICT Companies
  3. Decoding the ICT Workforce Report & Bulletin

ICT Leadership Table

The third and final ICT Leadership Table meeting was held on April 3rd, and we are working with partners to complete table action items.

The ICT Leadership Table is comprised of:

  1. Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation
  2. Imaginative Group
  3. New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc.
  4. Red Piston
  5. University of Windsor
  6. Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board
  7. Connecting Windsor-Essex
  8. The Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County
  9. Splice Digital
  10. TriOS College
  11. Next Dimension
  12. AlphaKOR
  13. WEtech Alliance
  14. I Dream Interactive
  15. Hackforge
  16. Mitacs
  17. The City of Windsor
  18. Green Shield Canada
  19. Clair College
  20. Parallel 42 Systems
  21. CSC Providence
  22. MC Business Solutions
  23. YMCA of Western Ontario

Video Profiles of Local ICT Companies

Video profiles of 6 local ICT companies have been released and can be viewed here. These videos will help expose ICT students to local ICT companies in hopes that more of them will choose to start their careers locally. The 6 companies featured in the videos are:

  1. AlphaKor
  2. Alteris Group
  3. iDream Interactive
  4. Pareto Business Group
  5. Red Piston
  6. Splice Digital

Decoding the ICT Report & Bulletin

Following the formation of an ICT Leadership Table in 2017 and the release of ICT company profile videos in early 2018, Workforce WindsorEssex, the region’s Local Employment Planning Council, is taking the next step to address recruitment challenges in the ICT sector by releasing the Decoding the ICT Workforce Report & Bulletin. The ICT Report shares survey findings, outlines challenges and proposes opportunities that could be used to addressed stubborn issues like the out-migration of ICT graduates, the need for curriculum updates, as well as wage concerns and the need to hire more women. The bulletin summarizes the report.

Between June and October 2017, Workforce WindsorEssex met with 69 employers and 4 employment service providers to delve deeper into challenges hiring ICT talent. Of the employers, 10 can be considered to be direct ICT employers who employ a substantial amount of ICT staff in their facility. We also surveyed 32 students in local ICT programs and 51 local ICT workers to gain their perspective on ICT challenges in Windsor-Essex.