Objectifs d’apprentissage

À la fin de cette partie, les jeunes seront en mesure de :

  • Comprendre ce qu’est l’information sur le marché du travail (IMT) et quels facteurs vont influencer les résultats de l’IMT; savoir où trouver l’IMT et comment l’utiliser dans leur cheminement de carrière.
  • Apprendre à trouver ce que les employeurs recherchent et comment utiliser cette information dans leur cheminement de carrière.
  • Comprendre l’importance des compétences non techniques pour le cheminement de carrière et pour la vie professionnelle elle-même ; apprendre à développer et à utiliser ces compétences non techniques.
  • Apprendre à identifier ce qui influence leurs perceptions et leurs choix par rapport aux différentes carrières.
  • Apprendre les techniques efficaces de prise de décision.
  • Apprendre ce qu’est le réseautage et son importance dans le cheminement de carrière ; apprendre comment identifier, développer et utiliser un réseau.
  • Apprendre ce qu’est l’entrepreneuriat, quelles compétences et connaissances sont nécessaires pour réussir en tant qu’entrepreneur et comment les connaissances sur l’entrepreneuriat peuvent aider au cheminement de carrière.


Documents d’animation

Documents de l’étudiant

RESSOUrCES supplémentaires

Information sur le marché du travail

A World Without Work The Atlantic July/August 2015 Issue, Derek Thompson.  An article that discusses the possible, extreme changes to our workforce as a result of technology.

Driverless trucks could mean ‘game over’ for thousands of jobs (The Globe and Mail, July 26, 2015).  This article describes how some jobs may be affected by driverless trucks.  This article would compliment the labour market information hypothetical example activity about self-driving cars and how they could affect the labour market.

How Labour Market Information Supports Career Development (Career Professionals of Canada, Sharon Graham, January 16, 2016).  This article explains the value of labour market information for career development and includes some links to some Canadian labour market information.

9 ways the workplace will be different in 2050 (Business Insider, Melissa Stanger, January 20, 2016).  This article predicts some labour market trends for the year 2050.

Attentes de l’employeur / compétences non techniques

Colleges respond to industry demands for ‘soft skills’ (The Globe and Mail, April 2, 2015, Jennifer Lewington)

Six Ways Continuing Education Can Close Canada’s Skills Gap  (Huffington Post, Dr. Marie Bountrogianni, July 8, 2015).  This article discusses ways that can help close the gap in training needs of employers.

Why attitude is more important than intelligence (The Globe and Mail, December 11, 2015).  This article discusses how soft skills are important in the workplace, perhaps even more than intelligence.

The top 10 skills that will be in demand by all employers by 2020 (Business Insider, Cadie Thompson, January 21, 2016).  This article describes some of the in-demand skills for the next 4 years.

The Real-World Skills New College Grads Need Most in 2016 (Fortune, Anne Fisher, January 7, 2016).  This article discusses the soft skills that employers are seeking and how soft skills are transferable.


Improving Networking Effectiveness (Cengage Learning) Includes networking tips.

The Best Career-Building Skill Ever …. Asking the Right Questions! (ReInvention2Go, blog, Judy Marston).  Offers advice and tips on networking and informational interviews.

How to Build Relationships through Effective Social Networking (Career Professionals of Canada, Sharon Graham, October 20, 2015).  This article discusses the benefits of active networking and provides some networking tips.


Ontario Entrepreneurship Curriculum Resources (Government of Ontario) An excellent collection of resources and lesson plans about entrepreneurship.

Ontario Entrepreneurship Youth Funds and Resources (Government of Ontario) Information on entrepreneurship government support programs for youth.

Summer Company Information on the entrepreneurship grant and program for students returning to school.

The Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs Gives local resources to contact and to connect with an expert based on your postal code

Small Business Centre  The Small Business Centre offers supports, information, guidance, training, and professional advice for entrepreneurs in Windsor-Essex.

WEtech Alliance  Visit their website to learn how this local organization fosters innovation in Windsor-Essex.

Overcoming Challenges Facing Women Entrepreneurs  (Mentor Works Ltd., November 4, 2015) This article gives advice to female entrepreneurs on some of the issues that they may face in entrepreneurship.

WINnovations Presentation (WEtech Alliance, June, 2015).  This presentation features some of the entrepreneurs and innovators that came out of Windsor-Essex.

Brothers behind Windsor’s Riviera Pizza among youngest pizzeria owners in Canada (CBC News, December 7, 2015).  This article highlights two local, very young, successful, and inspirational entrepreneurs.

Influences de choix de carrière

Media and Parents in the Post-Secondary Decision-Making Process (Counselling Connect (blog), Mike Peirce, July 11, 2015)  Discusses career influences and provides some sources for accurate career information.

Study says most Canadian parents have a career path in mind for the kids — and they want them to help pay for school (Guelph Tribune, Jillian Follert, October 9, 2015) This article discusses some parental views on careers.

Meet the Three Percent: How Women Succeed in Trades (TheTyee.ca, Kate Richardson, December 21, 2016).  This article highlights some women working in the trades.  As many young women may be hesitant about going into the trades, this may help them realize that women can be successful in the trades.


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