Attracting and Retaining Talent in Windsor-Essex: An Essential Guide

As part of the launch of the Strategies for Talent Attraction and Retention Toolkit for Windsor-Essex (STARTyqg), Workforce WindsorEssex is releasing Attracting and Retaining Talent in Windsor-Essex: An Essential Guide. The guide, which is available in English and French, covers important research findings related to:

  • the migration patterns of people who moved to/from Windsor-Essex.
  • the type and kind of talent our region should strive to attract.
  • best practices from other Canadian and American communities.
  • the workforce attraction, retention and development survey (921 respondents).
  • how attraction and retention marketing messages should be tailored by the audience.
  • what investments and policies will be most effective in attracting and retaining talent locally

Workforce WindsorEssex expects the guide to be used by employers, employment agencies, government, and community organizations who want to optimize their organization’s or community’s talent attractiveness.

Download the Guide:

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