1000 days since the start of construction

Today, we are publicly celebrating a significant achievement on the Gordie Howe International Bridge project. On July 1, 2021, we reached 1000 days since the start of construction of the project’s four components.

This achievement rests on many shoulders, including many within the community that have supported the project. Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority’s recognition of this date is a way to further engage partners and community members on this historic endeavor.

Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority has planned several activities:

  1. Community members can sign up to receive a commemorative “1000 Days of Construction” ball cap while supplies last.
  2. A new 360-degree virtual tour of the Canadian and US Ports of Entry, bridge sites and the Michigan Interchange shows the progress achieved during the past 1000 days.
  3. New photo galleries showing “then” and “now” are also available as well as a quiz on their Kid Construction Zone.
  4. A news release with supportive materials has been issued.

All products can be found at: www.gordiehoweinternationalbridge.com/en/1000-days-of-construction.