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Learn about WEnav:

WEnav for Teachers: Resources teachers can use to engage and immerse students in the
field of local labour market information. In order for students to make informed decisions
about their career path after graduation, it is important for students to be well-versed with
local tools for exploring promising occupations and sectors.

WEnav Careers presents a series of modules that can be completed, with each module containing one or more activities and links to additional third-party resources. Each activity is offered in a PDF and Word document, allowing for modification by the instructor/parent, and also provides a time estimate for completing the activity. The WEnav Careers program includes 68 worksheets and a total of 7

WEnav Careers helps jobseekers, students, newcomers, and youth find a career
path that aligns with their individual skills and qualifications, while increasing their
knowledge about the local workforce opportunities. The no-charge tool, which is
available in English and French, can be accessed by parents at home, by educators in
the classroom, or individually.

“The WEnav Careers program, which is designed with the Government of Ontario’s
Curriculum in mind, is a practical resource for those looking for work and education in
Windsor-Essex. This is a great way to align a user’s skills and qualifications with a
career path.”
– Tashlyn Teskey, Manager of Projects & Research, Workforce WindsorEssex

The goals of the Kindergarten to Grade 12 education and career/life planning
program are to:

  • ensure that all students develop the knowledge and skills they need to
    make informed education and career/life choices
  • provide classroom and school-wide opportunities
  • engage parents and the broader community in the development,
    implementation, and evaluation of the program, to support students in their
    (p.56, The Ontario Curriculum, Social Studies grades 1-6 and History and
    Geography grades 7 & 8).

WEnav Careers also aligns with the Grade 9-12 career studies and guidance
curriculum. Specifically, WEnav Careers connects to the following grades
through addressing the objectives under each strand per grade respectively:

  • Grade 9: Interpersonal Knowledge and Skills (p. 29-30)
    This section refers to how students utilize interpersonal and teamwork
    skills in order to make valuable impacts on their community.
  • Grade 10: Exploring and Preparing for the World of Work (p. 15-16)
    This section looks at how students can identify career trends both locally
    and globally so they can make an informed career path for after high
  • Grade 11: Personal Knowledge and Management Skills (p.26-28)
    Students have the opportunity to reflect on their own strengths and
    interests in order to map out an effective strategy to achieving their ideal
    career path.
  • Grade 12: Personal Management Skills (p. 43-44)
    Students will examine the impact of their achievements in relation to how
    they can self-improve toward goals in different settings.

Questions about WEnav, or the Contest, please contact:

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