WEdata is the destination for labour market data in Windsor-Essex. On this page, you can browse some of the most commonly requested labour market data sets that we provide to jobseekers, employers, students, educators and the community. To fast scroll to what you’re looking for click one of the following sub-headings:

WEdata reports

Browse our collection of reports, bulletins and dashboards featuring labour market graphs, tables, and more. Some reports, like the Job Demand Report and the Labour Force Survey Results Report, are updated monthly because of the availability of data. In other cases, reports are updated yearly or every census year.


WEData SECTOR Blog Series

A blog series that examines the supply and demand of labour in our region’s top sectors.

WEdata Requests

We strive to provide as much labour market data on our website as possible. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a message using our WEdata request service. We try to fulfil requests within 24-48 business hours. Using this service, we can provide custom labour market data, data finding advice and point you towards key resources on our website.


WEDATA Presentations

Interested in requesting a presentation from our team about the local labour market? We can present at conferences, events, team meetings, classrooms, etc., about our resources, tools, and data sets. Click below to complete the request form.


What is Labour Market Information?

Labour Market Information (LMI) describes all kinds of information used to make labour market decisions.

LMI includes information about:

  • Jobs that are available in certain locations or sectors
  • Salaries
  • Employers that are hiring/laying off
  • Working conditions
  • What employers are looking for
  • Job areas that likely will grow or shrink
  • Unemployment rates
  • The education/training needed for certain jobs or sectors
  • Information about the people who are working in a location or sector

Frequently Asked Questions about LMI

Still have questions about LMI? Read our FAQs here.


Click below to view the kind of labour market data we can help you get.


For help in understanding how you can use LMI view a previously recorded webinar or consult the LMI User Guide. The webinar and guide includes help on how to use LMI for career exploration, business planning, economic development and human resources.

3rd party RESOURCES

Our website is the best source for local labour market information in Windsor-Essex, however there are other resources available. Here are a couple: