Through funding from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Workforce WindsorEssex has had the opportunity to invite students to participate in our Promising Sectors Video Competition.

We knew that our area had some incredibly talented students who would be able to create videos on our Promising Sectors so that other students and teachers can learn more about career opportunities. Participating students did a fantastic job of interviewing local employers who shared their insight on what expectations you should have about working in their sectors, the skills and education that are required and how students can start preparing for their future careers now.

(From left to right), David Broad, Mike St. Pierre, Doug Sartori, Michael DeLuca, and Sasha Appler standing in front of a classroom chalkboard.

We would like to thank Holy Names High School and Harrow High School for their involvement and for opening their doors for us to host our Promising Sectors Viewing Parties

We would also like to thank our judges Sasha Appler, Doug Sartori,and Sarah Morris who shared their feedback with the students and educated them on their career paths.

Workforce WindsorEssex congratulates Michael DeLuca- our high school winner, and Alandra Berard- our grade school winner.

(From left to right), Sasha Appler, Alandra Berard, Jenn Carey, Sarah Morris, Len Kander, and a teacher representative.

These videos are great tools for teachers, parents and students who are looking for more information on careers.

See these links to view videos that were submitted:

Highschool Submissions


Grade School Submissions

A group of Holy Names students. A group of Holy Names students listening to a presentation in a classroom. A whiteboard covered in writing based on each promising sector with the Workforce WindsorEssex logo in the top left corner.  Six student participants from Harrow District High School holding their certificates.