This program is designed to provide individuals with developmental disabilities and other significant learning challenges with the opportunity to experience college life, pursue a postsecondary education and develop skills that will help them prepare for employment. Students will engage with their peers in courses specific to the CICE program. Having chosen an individual vocational direction, each student will attend academic courses with their college peers. The support of a Learning Facilitator will be provided. The Learning Facilitator may attend classes, provide follow-up study skills, test preparation, and support course modifications when necessary.

CICE core curricula will include subjects covering communications, job and life skills, and human relations. Academic courses will be elective in nature and may be chosen from a variety of programs. Additional vocational areas may be added as the program progresses and grows. Work placement will help CICE students to develop and/or enhance vocational skills and involvement within their community. It is a goal that graduates will be able to function more independently and ideally, transition to volunteer or paid employment on a part-time or full-time basis.