Program Overview

The Advanced Medical Esthetics Practitioner Graduate Certificate Program will prepare the graduate to work in the progressive field of medical esthetics. The curriculum will provide a strong foundation in the assessment of skin types, conditions and the corresponding treatments for promoting and maintaining healthy skin. Students will gain practical hands-on skills to work within related medical professions in a safe and competent manner within their scope of practice or that of a nurse or physician.  Students will develop the knowledge and essential skills necessary to perform non-invasive procedures such as laser and light treatments, chemical peels, hydro facials, and microdermabrasion procedures, as well as the fundamentals necessary to assist with the application of invasive procedures in a cosmetic medical setting. The student will build expertise in delivering pre-and post-treatment care for special populations, including oncology patients. Hands-on labs and clinical placement settings will expose the student to a wide range of medical esthetic treatments, cosmeceutical products and specialized equipment. Students will also graduate with an understanding of the core business principles necessary to establish and manage a medical esthetic practice. Graduates will be well-prepared to administer cosmeceuticals and medical esthetic procedures.