Project Coordinator and Research Analyst

Samantha is a Project Coordinator and Research Analyst with Workforce WindsorEssex. In this role, she develops project concepts, provides data collection, analysis, report writing, and presentation findings for the Windsor-Essex region.

She received a BA(H) in Criminology and minors in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Windsor. She then attended the University of Waterloo and completed her Magistrate of Political Science. Her graduate Major Research Project focused on restructuring Civic Education in Ontario to be introduced to students at an earlier age, and to include noncognitive skill development to encourage meaningful community and civic engagement.

Before entering her position with Workforce WindsorEssex, she was a technician and computer sales associate for nine years, a legal assistant for four years to a Criminal Defense and Child Protection lawyer, worked with young male offenders as a youth worker, and was a research assistant at the University of Windsor. She is also an active member of the Windsor-Essex community. She has organized and coordinated International Women’s Day and Young Entrepreneurs Day events, and spent three seasons as an assistant Basketball Coach to a junior and senior girls’ team.

Samantha is a first-generation Armenian, Assyrian, and Chaldean who is indigenous to what is now known as Iraq. She is a senior member of An Assyrian Conversation and The Sa6yaCollective. Both organizations were created to make space for identifying Assyrian LGBTQ+ and Women of Colour to discuss anti-oppression, anti-aggression, anti-racism, solidarity, and liberation with Black, Indigenous, and other underrepresented groups. She also sits on the Board of Directors for The Youth Council Coalition of Canada.

Samantha continues to find ways to positively participate in her communities, where she can actively practice anti-aggression and anti-racism.