In June 2010, WFWE released their Youth Labour Market Plan – looking at how our region’s youth received labour market information.

“The vision of the Youth Labour Market Information Plan is to ensure that youth are getting accurate and timely information about local labour market conditions on emerging occupations.”

As a follow-up to this study, WFWE invited several local youth service providers to act as mentors in the organization of a youth-led conference.

A youth-led strategic committee was formed with students young people from W.F. Herman Secondary School and volunteers from the Teen Health Centre’s Kids Alliance program and the “Multicultural Youth in Action program” from the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County.

Working with the Faculty of Education’s Leadership Experience for Academic Directions (L.E.A.D.) program, the youth-led committee organized unique ways of presenting the day’s material to attending students in a meaningful way.

WFWE would like to thank everyone who participated in the conference and all the volunteers, who donated their time and expertise making the day successful.