The Youth Matrix is a collection of resources and supports available to young people up to age 30 in Windsor-Essex.

Youth centres, recreation centres, and after-school programs (below) within the youth matrix provide engaging and enriching activities for young individuals, fostering personal growth, social interaction, and skill development in a safe and supportive environment.


Youth Centres/Recreation Centres/After School Programs

NCCE – Youth Programs & Services

Location: 660 Ouellette Avenue – Windsor

ContactJillian Toman (YRC Manager)

519.258.4076 ext. 1205

DescriptionThe Youth Resource Centre (YRC) provides engaging and diverse programming tailored to the needs and interests of youth aged 12-17 and 18-24, including Youth LEAD, STEAM Ahead, Art Meets Culture, Career Explore, and Game On, offering a range of activities and resources to support newcomer youth.



New Beginnings YOS-PYOW (Youth Opportunity Strategies – Provincial Youth Outreach Worker)

Location: 1015 Highland Ave Windsor Ontario N9A 1R6

1049 Janette Ave Windsor Ontario N9A5A4

Contact: Siobhan Pantin


Ext. 416

Description: The Youth Opportunities Strategy supports young people in achieving their full potential by providing various services, including the Provincial Youth Outreach Worker (PYOW) program, Youth in Transition Worker support, the Youth Job Connection Program, and the Risk Intervention and Prevention Project. PYOWs operate in prioritized neighborhoods, assisting youth aged 12-21 in accessing community services and supports, advocating for their needs like employment, volunteer work, assistance applications, housing and connecting them with community events.



Youth Wellness Hubs – Recreational Activities

Location:3640 Wells Street Windsor, ON N9C 1T9 (Cottage 6)

Contact: Michelle Rocheleau (Operations Manager)


Description: Yoga, art, board games, music, gardening, sports, etc.




Hub of Opportunities (UHC) – Connecting Newcomer Youth – Ages 14-24 (Evening programs)

Location: Caesar Windsor Cares Community Kitchen

6955 Cantelon Dr, Windsor, ON N8T 3J9

Contact: 519-944-4900 or email

Registration form is on the webpage:

Description: Newcomer youth can join the Caesar Windsor Cares Community Kitchen program to learn cooking, make friends, and take-home nutritious meals. Sessions run on Mondays for 6 weeks, from 4pm-8pm.



Hub of Opportunities (UHC) – Computers for Youth – Ages 7-12 (Summer Program)

Location: 6955 Cantelon Dr, Windsor, ON N9T 3J9

Contact: 519-944-4900 or email at

Registration for this program is on the webpage at

Description: The Newcomer Kids Program offers children aged 7-12, whose parents are attending our newcomer programs, an opportunity to learn various software used in schools. The program provides a fun, interactive, and friendly environment where children can also engage in arts and crafts, games, and make new friends. It is available to permanent residents and convention refugees. The program runs from July to August, Monday to Friday, with two sessions: 9:00am – 12:00pm and 12:30pm – 3:30pm.



Children’s Aid Society – Music and Art Enrichment

Location: 1671 Riverside Dr. E. Windsor, ON N8Y 5B5

Contact: 519-252-1171

Description: The Music and Art enrichment programs provide a safe and creative space for children and youth to express themselves. Led by professionals, activities include vocal and instrumental music, painting, and other forms of art. An annual concert and exhibit highlight the talents of the participants.



The Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women – Newcomer Art Project (N.A.P.)

Location: 1368 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 1J9

Contact: 519-915-5588 ext. 603


Description: This program offers newcomers the chance to explore art forms like drumming, visual arts, vocals, and dance. Through these activities, participants can build a sense of community and identity while engaging with social issues.



MCC Newcomer Youth and Children Groups

Location: 7651 Tecumseh Road East (MCC East End)

Contact: 519-948-3443

Description: This program provides a safe and active environment for children to develop skills, self-esteem, and friendships. Activities include arts and crafts, group games, and field trips. Additional components include a homework club for academic support, youth employment assistance, a summer group for skill-building, leadership development through the Rotary Interact Club, and opportunities for field trips, guest speakers, and community projects.



Noah’s House – Art Night

Location: 2341 Pillette Rd. Windsor, Ontario N8T1P7



Description: Join us for our weekly crafting sessions where we explore the therapeutic benefits of creativity. Research shows that crafting can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Each week, we engage in a new craft project and focus on activities that promote positive mental health.



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