The Youth Matrix is a collection of resources and supports available to young people up to age 30 in Windsor-Essex.

Youth Settlement Services (below) within the Youth Matrix offer tailored support services and assistance to young individuals including settlement guidance, employment services, academic assistance, and legal aid to ensure a smooth transition and integration into their new environment.


Youth Settlement Services

NCCE – Settlement Worker in Schools (SWIS)

Location: Windsor and Leamington Public & Catholic School Boards

ContactRima Nohra (SWIS Manager)


Description: Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) support newcomer students and families in their school and community integration by offering information, referrals, and connecting them to resources available in other agencies, schools, and community programs.



New Beginnings – (YITW) Youth in Transition Worker

Location: 1015 Highland Ave Windsor Ontario N9A 1R6

1049 Janette Ave Windsor Ontario N9A5A4

Contact: Siobhan Pantin

(519) 254-2363 Ext. 416

Description: The Youth in Transition Worker program aims to assist youth in smoothly transitioning from the child welfare system to adulthood. The program offers support in various areas including housing, education, employment, life skills training, health and mental health services, and legal services, with the goal of helping youth achieve their goals and access the necessary resources for a successful transition.



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