The Youth Matrix is a collection of resources and supports available to young people up to age 30 in Windsor-Essex.

The ‘other’ category within the youth matrix (below) encompasses additional resources and services tailored to the diverse needs of young individuals, addressing specific areas such as specialized workshops, mentorship programs, community engagement initiatives, and other valuable opportunities to support their overall growth and well-being.


Service Canada – for Youth including the “State of Youth” 2021 report.

Location: Online – All over Canada

Windsor Service Canada Centre

103-400 City Hall Sq Windsor – ON – N9A7K6

Contact: Youth portal Youth in Canada –

State of Youth report 2021 State of Youth –

Description: The State of Youth Report aims to increase awareness of the well-being, opportunities, and challenges experienced by youth in Canada, using their own perspectives. It provides valuable insights to inform government policies, programs, and decisions, with a new report released every four years to support improved support for Canadian youth.

Links: Youth in Canada –

State of Youth –


Service Canada – The Employment Opportunity for Student with Disabilities

(under the Federal Student Work Experience program provide support to student employees with disabilities)

Location: Online – All Over – Canada

Windsor Service Canada Centre Windsor – ON N9A7K6

Contact:  Employment Opportunities for Students with a Disability

Description: A public service that embraces and values the diverse identities, cultures, perspectives, and experiences that reflect Canada’s makeup. Certain student jobs and programs are exclusively available to individuals who have self-declared as belonging to an employment equity group, allowing applicants to indicate if they identify as a woman, an Indigenous person, a member of a visible minority, or a person with a disability during the application process.

Links: Employment Opportunities for Students with a Disability


Service Canada – Resources to recruit for employers.

Location:  Online – All Over – Canada Windsor Service Canada Centre Windsor – ON N9A7K6

ContactRecruit Indigenous peoples – Job Bank

Recruit persons with disabilities – Job Bank

Hiring Services and Information

Description: The Government of Canada offers resources to help businesses hire employees, students, foreign workers, apprentices, and attract suitable talent for their organizations.

Links: Recruit Indigenous peoples – Job Bank

Recruit persons with disabilities – Job Bank

Hiring Services and Information


New Beginnings – (WE CAPP) Windsor Essex Child and Parent Place

Location: 1015 Highland Ave Windsor Ontario N9A 1R6

1049 Janette Ave Windsor Ontario N9A5A4

Contact: Carolyn Binder

(519) 971-0625

Description: The Windsor Essex Child and Parent Place (WECAPP), supported by the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services (MCCSS), provides a neutral and secure environment for children and families experiencing transitions, such as separation and divorce. WECAPP offers supervised access visits and exchanges, ensuring the well-being and safety of the children involved. This service is available in Windsor and Leamington.



New Beginnings – (YITW) Youth in Transition Worker

Location: 1015 Highland Ave Windsor Ontario N9A 1R6

1049 Janette Ave Windsor Ontario N9A5A4

Contact: Siobhan Pantin

(519) 254-2363 Ext. 416

Description: The Youth in Transition Worker program aims to assist youth in smoothly transitioning from the child welfare system to adulthood. The program offers support in various areas including housing, education, employment, life skills training, health and mental health services, and legal services, with the goal of helping youth achieve their goals and access the necessary resources for a successful transition.




Canadian Mental Health Association – Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare – Regional Children’s Centre

Location: 3901 Connaught Street Windsor, Ontario N9C 4H4

Contact: 519- 257- 5215

Description: We provide services for children and youth aged 6-18, including crisis support for those aged 0-15. Our focus areas include mental health, developmental disabilities, and youth justice, catering to individuals facing social, emotional, or behavioral challenges in different settings, as well as those involved with the justice system or with developmental disabilities, including autism.

Links: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/


Youth Diversion – Time to L.A.G (Learn about Gaming)

Location: 1015 Highland Avenue, Windsor ON N9A 1R6

Contact: 519- 253-3340 to have a referral form completed over the phone

Email referral form at or fax at 519-253-6476

Description: Time to L.A.G is an educational program that addresses unhealthy behaviors related to excessive gaming and screen time. It covers topics such as gaming and mental health, addiction, exposure to harmful content, and digital resiliency. The program aims to educate youth about the risks and benefits of gaming and help them make balanced choices for a healthier lifestyle.



Youth Diversion – See Different

Location: 1015 Highland Avenue, Windsor ON N9A 1R6

Contact: 519-253-3340 or faxed to 519-253-6476

Or email to

Description: The See Different program promotes diversity and inclusion among youth. Participants examine the impact of their identity on their worldview, reflect on the influence of bias and stereotypes, and recognize the potential for prejudice and discrimination. By the program’s conclusion, youth gain the ability to define and identify personal biases, stereotypes, prejudices, and acts of discrimination.



Youth Wellness Hubs – Primary Care

Location: 3640 Wells Street Windsor ON N9C 1T9

Contact: Michelle Rocheleau (Operations Manager)

Description: Nurses provide confidential one-on-one sessions to address youth’s sexual health, physical health, and mental health needs. Trained professionals are available to discuss any questions or concerns in a supportive environment.



Youth Wellness Hubs – Family Navigation

Location: 3640 Wells Street, Windsor ON N9C 1T9

Contact: Michelle Rocheleau (Operations Manager)

Description: Our family navigator offers personalized assistance in navigating community services for youth and their families, providing tailored options and recommendations based on individual needs. This support aims to simplify the process of accessing appropriate services and resources, making it easier for families to find the assistance they require.



Children’s Aid Society – Youth with Cameras Program

Location: 1671 Riverside Dr. E, Windsor, ON N8Y 5B5

Contact: 519-252-1171

Description:  The Youth with Cameras program teaches photography while fostering self-confidence and building friendships. Participants receive a new camera and, guided by Society staff and photography experts, visit local landmarks and destinations to explore their new hobby.



Windsor Essex Community Health Centre (weCHC) – Eating Disorder Support


Teen Health: 1361 Ouellette Avenue, Unit 101, Windsor, ON N8X 1J6

Contact: Teen Health: 519-253-8481

Description: Patients can contact our centralized intake phone number at BANA (1-855-969-5530) to receive triage by a Social Worker and appropriate service referrals. If suitable for the Teen Health Eating Disorder program, their intake will be faxed, and a receptionist will schedule an initial assessment appointment with the Nurse Practitioner. The NP will conduct a one-hour assessment and refer to other services within the Teen Health Program as needed. If hospitalization or admission to an inpatient program is necessary, we will assist the family with the process.

Links: For more information, please visit:



YMCA of Southwestern Ontario – Youth Gambling Awareness Program (YGAP)

Location: 700 Norfolk St., Windsor, N9E 1H4

Contact: Kristie Matte (Bilingual Youth Outreach Worker)



Description: The YMCA Youth Gambling Awareness Program provides free educational prevention programs to raise awareness of youth gambling, promote healthy living, and make informed decisions. They offer accurate information and interactive workshops for youth aged 8 to 24, as well as educational workshops for parents, teachers, and professionals. The program also supports youth-driven initiatives that encourage expression and community action related to gambling.




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