The Youth Matrix is a collection of resources and supports available to young people up to age 30 in Windsor-Essex.

Language and skill training programs within the youth matrix (below) offer targeted resources and guidance to help young individuals develop language proficiency, acquire new skills, and enhance their employability, enabling them to thrive in diverse educational and professional settings.


Language & Skill Training Programs

New Beginnings YJC (Youth Job Connection)

Description: Youth Job Connections offers comprehensive services to youth aged 15-29 facing multiple employment barriers, including paid pre-employment training, job matching, mentorship, and support for education and work transitions, going beyond traditional job search and placement assistance to provide more intensive support.

Location: 1049 Janette Avenue

Contact: Siobhan Pantin 519-254-2363



New Beginnings YOS-PYOW (Youth Opportunity Strategies – Provincial Youth Outreach Worker)

Location: 1015 Highland Ave Windsor Ontario N9A 1R6

1049 Janette Ave Windsor Ontario N9A5A4

Contact: Siobhan Pantin 519-254-2363 Ext. 416

Description:  The Youth Opportunities Strategy supports young people in achieving their full potential by providing various services, including the Provincial Youth Outreach Worker (PYOW) program, Youth in Transition Worker support, the Youth Job Connection Program, and the Risk Intervention and Prevention Project. PYOWs operate in prioritized neighborhoods, assisting youth aged 12-21 in accessing community services and supports, advocating for their needs like employment, volunteer work, assistance applications, housing and connecting them with community events.



New Beginnings – (YITW) Youth in Transition Worker

Location: 1015 Highland Ave Windsor Ontario N9A 1R6

1049 Janette Ave Windsor Ontario N9A5A4

Contact: Siobhan Pantin

(519) 254-2363 Ext. 416

Description: The Youth in Transition Worker program aims to assist youth in smoothly transitioning from the child welfare system to adulthood. The program offers support in various areas including housing, education, employment, life skills training, health and mental health services, and legal services, with the goal of helping youth achieve their goals and access the necessary resources for a successful transition.



YMCA of Southwestern Ontario – YMCA Integration & Leadership Program – Mapping the Way for Newcomer Youth (YMAP)

Location: YMCA Windsor Learning Centre – 500 Victoria Ave, Windsor ON

Contact: 519-258-9622 ext. 2649

Cell: 226-280-6349

Description: YMAP (Youth Mentorship and Assistance Program) aims to provide support and enrichment opportunities for newcomer youth, aged 12-24, to facilitate their transition into Canadian life. Through various activities like volunteering, field trips, homework help, mentorship sessions, and learning about Canadian culture and community, YMAP fosters social and professional networks, while also providing information on rights, education, employment, and citizenship to promote community connections and cultural exploration.



Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. (WEST) – Young Women in Leadership, Employment and Development (L.E.A.D)

Location: 647 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario N9A 4J4

Contact: 519-256-6621

Description: In this program, participants will undergo 8 weeks of full-time employability essentials training and then engage in a 10-week work placement. The L.E.A.D program covers essential components like job search, communication, computer skills, professional development workshops, certifications (WHIMIS, CPR/First Aid), and industry expert-led classes.



Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc. – Empowered Diverse Group for Education & Employment (EDGE)

Location: 647 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario N9A 4J4

Contact: 519-256- 6621

Description: The EDGE project, also known as Girlz Crew-Youth Leadership, empowers young women in Windsor-Essex by offering opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, gain volunteer experience, develop employment skills, and learn about the local community. Participants have the chance to expand their network, form lasting friendships, boost their confidence, contribute through community volunteering, and further develop their skills. The program is open to young women aged 14 to 24.



Centre Communautaire Francophone Windsor-Essex-Kent (CCKWEK) – The Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (SECJ) Program

Location: 720 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, ON N9A 1C2

Contact: Lina Kobeissi (coordinator of the SECJ program)

519-948-5545 ext. 157

Description: The program offers activities to enhance employability skills and overcome barriers to employment for young people. Tailored support is provided, with a focus on those facing barriers. Services include CV writing assistance, free certifications, mentoring, career support, workshops, and interview practice. Eligibility requires being between 15 and 30 years old, not attending full-time post-secondary education or working as a permanent full-time employee, and being a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or refugee.



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