On April 25th, the Steering & Evaluation Committee and WE Value team were joined by sagecomm at the United Way of Windsor.

Sagecomm, a brand strategy firm from Ontario, was contracted through the YMCA to work with the WE Value team to develop a brand package that would speak to the overall intention, message and outcomes of the project. It was incredibly important, from the beginning, that the project be recognized as a collective effort that exists outside of the YMCA itself. WE Value would be successful thanks to the commitment and participation of settlement service providers, institutions and organizations across Windsor-Essex, all coming together to support newcomer settlement.

Sagecomm presented the first iterations of the WE Value project brand, seeking feedback form the Steering & Evaluation Committee, and facilitating a working session to allow breakout groups to discuss their early reactions to the brand position.

It was at this meeting, that the team was guided to use “WE Value Partnership” instead of “WE Value Project”, and choose “Settlement Assessment” instead of “Settlement Assessment Centre” to ensure the assessment was viewed as a service.

The logo is uncomplicated, assigns a colour palette synonymous with the Canadian identity, and gives its elements space to breathe will help in clarity of message and facilitation of action as your team of community partners works towards enhancing the settlement intake process and outcomes, together.

By creating a simplified visual system, we know that the Wv will be recognized and linked as a brand to the service that WE Value provides through the staff at the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario. The simplified brand will also allow this brand to be adopted by other communities, an important feature with extensibility being a core priority of the Service Delivery Improvement funding.