This virtual meeting was held to provide strategic updates related to virtual service delivery, as well as training developments in Chatham and Leamington.

Further, a highlight of this meeting was sharing samples from Dr. Nakhaie’s first report.

Integration is a complex and dynamic process, the content and outcome of which is determined by the nature of the interaction between newcomers and the host society.  It has two key elements: structural (acquisition of similar rights and statuses as native-born Canadians) and socio-cultural (cognitive, behavioural, and attitudinal adaptation).

[G]iven that on average these clients had been in Canada just over one year, it is not surprising that they reported relatively little knowledge of the local customs (29.1%), transportation modes (28%), healthcare (26%), or finance, housing, education, and law and justice (between 12 to 20%).  They also reported a far lower level of awareness about job search services or volunteering opportunities (each 13.4%).  Only 5.2% agreed or strongly agreed that they were aware of professional networks (Table 7). Table 7 has combined the strongly disagree and somewhat disagree categories into a disagree group and strongly agree and somewhat agree categories into an agree group.

Please view the presentation below:

09.2020 Steering & Evaluation Committee Meeting – Presentation