Steering Committee Spotlight – February 2019

The WE Value project is an exciting opportunity for Windsor-Essex to truly showcase how innovation and collaboration between partners can influence great change on our settlement sector.

This Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) project funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is being co-delivered by the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario and Workforce Windsor-Essex in partnership with many of the regional service provider organizations and community stakeholders.
WE Value aims to turn the needs-based approach regularly used when assisting clients to one that reviews what assets they bring to their life and our community. It is through this reverse approach that we may fully realize the newcomers’ full potential, look for new opportunities for them to interact, network and blossom into engaged and productive contributors to Canadian society, all while our Canadian society benefits greatly from their knowledge, experience, expertise, talent and other assets they may harbor and/or develop.

There are many opportunities that will arise from this project such as new collaborations and partnerships though none more certain than the centralized approach to client assessment through use of a standardized software database portal. This will allow for data collection for the region (and hopefully across the nation if successful) resulting in greater understanding and of course definitive measurable and statistics that can lead to greater funding and more specific programming and services.

Of course, as with all innovative ideas it will take good planning, hard work and a dash of being ready to fail in order to find a path to successful implementation. I was asked to participate in the WE Value steering committee and I happily accepted, knowing full well that this committee was created to encourage discussion and debate on what could go wrong so the project could be aware and ready to adapt as needed to find the path to success.

Nick Beluli

Manager of Language, Orientation and Welcoming Communities