Workforce WindsorEssex worked with staff from the Multicultural Council of Windsor Essex (MCC) to determine which organizations would be engaged as first and second points of contact for client referrals through WE Value.

With an existing list developed in coordination with front-line staff at the YMCA of Soutwestern Ontario, we worked with MCC to fill in any service gaps that may exist, as they serve another geographic region on the East of Windsor. With a commitment from MCC that a majority of their clients would receive a WE Value Settlement Assessment, which includes a settlement plan and referrals, it was important to ensure that MCC’s primary referral organizations were reflected in the system and engaged through the Community Engagement work.

Again, while we had received a list of most-referred organizations, the experience and knowledge of front-line staff provided the necessary context to support partner engagement. Their stories of engaging clients and the contexts in which they choose specific organizations supported Workforce WindsorEssex in engagement of management teams across the Social Determinants of Health.

When sitting down with staff, we refined the list of system service navigators – those organizations that often serve as a first point of contact in a specific sector – be it in health and mental health, education, language instruction, community services or employment.