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On this day, 6 settlement service providers and 16 mainstream organizations participated in a full-day event to validate the questions and responses being considered for the WE Value Settlement Assessment questionnaire.

Participants were asked to participate in tables representing each of the Social Determinants of Health:

  1. Education
  2. Employment
  3. Health & Health Care
  4. Neighbourhood & Built Environment
  5. Social & Community Context

These questions were the result of a literary analysis that was conducted by the University of Windsor’s Dr. Reza Nakhaie, that included 75 different sources. This background study ensured that participants had appropriate questions and responses that could be validated for their appropriateness and application to our local context.

Here is what partners had to say about the event:

“There was no fear or doubt in expressing honest opinions about questions or scenarios.”

“I liked the idea of sitting with other members from other organizations and even other fields of experience which enriched the discussion with a variety of opinions and different perspectives.”