Executive Director’s and their immediate teams were invited to a roundtable update in May 2019. the purpose of the meeting was to provide an update and discuss the current status and full rollout of the IRCC funded pilot project that had been re-titled as WE Value (formerly introduced as the Coordinated Capacity-Focused Settlement Assessment System -CCSAS).

Over the last 8 months, the WE Value team had been hard at work building the foundation of each of the 4 project components and we’re excited to discuss and provide greater detail on the following:

  1. Service Delivery
  • Capacity Focused Assessment Development
  • Pathway to Citizenship Plan Development
  • Tentative launch timeline
  1. Technology
  • User-stories, requirements and engineering
  • Partner portal
  • Test environment
  1. Community Engagement
  • Steering Committee
  • Presentations
  • Project Branding
  1. Data collection and Dissemination
  • Ethics Review
  • Questionnaire Logic Model


Meeting Agenda:

1)     Welcome and Introductions, Hugo Vega & Michelle Suchiu

2)     Update Presentation, WE Value Team

3)     Q&A, Discussion & Networking


This meeting provided a great opportunity to share, for the first time, with IRCC funded organizations, the breakdown of the data logic model, positive result of the ethics review, and new brand position.

It further allowed organizations to ask questions about engagement and opportunities to support and participate in the project.