Over three meetings, the WE Value and Gateway teams met to discuss updates to the K2 Partner Portal. With feedback being collected over time from partners in the Windsor-Essex region,

The goals of each session, other than the first general training and question session, will be:

  • Understand the objects (organization, location, program, services & activities etc.) and its integrations and interactions with the core system (referral builder, reports/data)
  • Understand the features (distribute referral, referral viewer, complete referral etc.)
  • Define the types of features, fields, look and interaction with the core system that would be desired
  • Vision a “blue sky” for the types of features that would critically fit into a partner portal or other features that may be desired for consideration ( ex. 2-way in portal communication, booking appointments with partners, dashboard/reports, notetaking on referral, full settlement plan for select partners/ongoing settlement agency, feedback loops, tab for training documents, videos, guided DAP etc)

The sessions, generally, were focused around:

  1. Training, Understanding Data Model, Q&A, Tracking Ideas (Development Log/Clickup), Session Structure
  2. Data model, Organization, Location, Program
  3. Services & Activities, Filtering (referral tool) (picklists, cloning)
  4. Referrals to Partner Portal (what is shown, searching, features)
  5. Final confirmed development session – what are the selected items for next stage of consideration/user stories. Priority and a “soon or later” type concept.