In March 2021, the YMCA continued reviewing releases for the new client management system by giving regular detailed feedback in short sprints. With multiple Developers, User Interface Designers, and a Project Manager involved the success of the development for the new system there has been an updated timeline that places the soft launch of the core system for end of June. This will allow the team to begin data migration and testing before regular service delivery begins in the Fall. These additional resources are important to the success, ease, and usability of the system.

The next months’ sprint will continue to focus on reviewing and providing detailed feedback on sections of the sandbox environment as well as beginning Trailheads, which are the systems training, for platform being used. Initial  aspects of the Partner Portal will be reviewed nearing the end of April.



A set period of time during which specific tasks must be completed. WE Value’s sprints are completed every 2 or so weeks with a revision and feedback period of about 1 week.


Sandbox Environment

A testing environment where the end user can test, create and use the initial draft product without possibility of changing or harming the main product.



An online training module designed specifically to give background and testing opportunities for individuals learning how to work through Salesforce.