The YMCA SWO sought early on to work collaboratively with all IRCC funded agencies to:

  • Create and test a new standardized settlement needs-assessment and settlement plan to be utilized with a sample group of brand new clients to our community over a 2 years period;
  • Create a coordinated referral process and methodology to be tested out with those new clients;
  • Collect a broader range of information from those initial assessments and from subsequent telephone follow-ups;
  • Share and use that information for research and to test out new ways of enhancing the integration efforts of agencies and community stakeholders in our region;
  • And use tailored-made technology to facilitate each of those components.

As a first step in working collaboratively, the team at the YMCA SWO sought to introduce the goals and initiatives of project, while also seeking to clarify any potential collaboration and contributions available to local agencies funding by IRCC.

To ensure that new practices in place were evaluated and piloted with a representative group of clients, the YMCA SWO was seeking the collaboration of local agencies for referrals. Supported by the local IRCC office, the YMCA SWO extended the following commitments to partners for their participation:

  1. The YMCA SWO would only conduct the newly developed needs assessment with these newly referred clients. Once assessed, they will be referred back to that agency for ongoing supports.
  2. Referrals would not be indicative of a redistribution or ‘loss’ of either clients or funding for the referring agency.
  3. The YMCA SWO would be open to discussing and collectively mitigating any other implication and concerns agencies may have (ie. impact of contribution agreement targets) to ensure this puts no one at a deficit.

No funding contributions were ever requested of local agencies for their participation in the WE Value Partnership.