The YMCA of Southwestern Ontario received funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) funding application for a Coordinated Capacity-Focused Settlement Assessment System (CCSAS). This ecosystem would later be referred to as WE Value.

What is Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) funding?

SDI funding is allocated towards activities that are experimental in nature and that test new approaches to delivering settlement services and/or measuring the impact of specific services/models on Settlement Program clients. Experimental activities can feature:

  • Testing and developing more client-centred programming;
  • Developing or testing new service models;
  • Achieving more targeted outcomes for specific client groups;
  • Testing existing service delivery models in a new context or application; and
  • Analyzing and reporting on positive, negative and neutral results.

How did WE Value fit into this model?

WE Value’s focus was on research and analysis to drive innovation and/or understand the user experience. It did so through six major themes:

  1. Innovation imperative
  2. User orientation
  3. Results through innovation
  4. Outcomes focus
  5. Collaboration and relationship-building
  6. Adaptability