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 NEW! The Region’s Largest Job Board: WEjobs Board

With more than 2,300+ active job listings, Workforce WindsorEssex has launched the region’s largest job board called WEjobs board. This tool automatically aggregates local job postings from 14 national, provincial, and local job boards to make searching for your next job in Windsor-Essex easier than ever.

WEjobs board reduces the amount of websites that jobseekers have to visit when looking for job postings. Through this new interactive tool, you can search, sort, and filter through the region’s largest list of job postings, casting your job search net wider than ever before. One of the filter options allows users to perform quick searches for Bridge Jobs, Apprenticeship Jobs, French jobs, and upcoming Career Fairs.

Instead of trying to change employer behaviour, this tool acts as a search engine that sends users to the original job board for people to apply.



WEjobs board

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 Economic Development Week!

May 6th to the 11th is Economic Development Week! We are proud to partner with WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation and regional partners including all municipalities in the #YQG #WindsorEssex region, WindsorEssex Small Business CentreWEtech Alliance , & the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. #EDW2019

More Information:

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Job Search and Job Demand Reports Announcement:

We have launched two new monthly WEdata reports using locally-collected labour market data. These reports will help job seekers better understand employer needs and vice-versa, making them invaluable for community and government organizations supporting economic and workforce development in the region.

Link to Media Release

This media coverage for the Job Reports can be found in the Twitter Moment: Job Search & Demand Reports.

The report findings can be found below:

Monthly Job Demand Report: April 2019

Beginning, April 2019 the monthly Job Demand Report for Windsor-Essex is created by Workforce WindsorEssex using data collected from 14 unique national, provincial and locally-significant job boards. Between May 2017 and March 2019, job posting data was purchased from CEB Talent Neuron.

We released the Job Demand Report for April, examining a total of 6,120 job postings from 9 local municipalities:

  • There were 3,200+ more jobs this month than last month, because of our new Job Board
  • The Top Occupation by Job Posting was: Retail Salespersons
    • 247 Job Postings.
  • The Employer with the most job postings was: Sutherland
    • 172 Job Postings
  • The Top Sector hiring this month was: Management occupations.
    Followed by: Business, finance and administration occupations
  • 89% off all job postings were for full time positions, and 90% were permanent positions

Get the full info-graphic report below, including more information on in-demand skills and top occupations.

Job Demand Report

Monthly Job Search Report: April 2019

The Job Search Report is a first of its kind report for this area, detailing the job search behaviour of online users who interact with job postings on three job search platforms including WEjobs boardWEmap jobs and WEexplore careers.

Who is searching for work, and what are they searching for in Windsor-Essex?

We released the Job Search Report for April, examining a total of 5,221 monthly job search users:

  • Interest by Job Type: 56.9% of users searched for full time jobs, and 73.1% searched for ermanent positions.
  • The Top Selected Occupation was: administrative assistants 
  • The Top Selected Employers/Agencies: PROSTAFF Employment Solutions
    • 326 Interactions
  • The Sector with the most user interest this month was: Management

Get the full info-graphic report below, including more information on job seeker’s gender and age:

Job Search Report

WE LIP Success Story:
The Connecting Communities Project

This project’s main outcome is to support frontline workers in providing legal information to immigrants.

The first phase of the project involved a number of consultations held by the various Local Immigration Partnerships for the purpose of identifying the areas of biggest need for information intervention. The feedback that was provided from the community consultations will be used to determine topics and languages for resource materials. The second phase will focus on: creating a training package that will assist frontline workers to identify potential areas in which their clients may have legal conflict; and packaging information to support clients. Part of this phase will also focus on creating podcasts that will be translated into the client languages identified in the first phase.

Read the full story:

WE LIP Web Page

WE Value Update: 

The WE Value Partnership held a Steering and Evaluation Committee Meeting on April 25th. We were able to provide members an updated timeline on project deliverables and Sagecomm facilitated a successful working session to develop a community engagement strategy. The team is looking forward to engaging referral organizations into the coming months.

Picture: Steering and Evaluation Committee at the United Way for our April 25th meeting.

WE Value Webpage

April 2019 Labour Force Survey Release:

Each month we release information gathered from Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey about the local workforce:

  • The employment rate increased to 59.8%
  • The labour force increased by 1400
  • The participation rate increased 0.5% to 63.4%

View the full info graphic report below, including more on employment in the region:

Labour Force Survey

2019 Vital Signs Survey

The WindsorEssex Community Foundation wants to hear from you! Tell them what you think of Windsor-Essex as a place to live, learn, work, play, and grow by taking the 2019 Vital Signs Survey. Those who complete the survey have a chance to win $100. 

Link to Survey


WECDSB Family Information Expo

Hosted by The Parent Involvement Committee of the WECDSB, the 3rd Annual Family Information Expo (formally Parent Information Fair) was on May 2nd at Central Park Athletics.

The 2019 Family Info Expo, had a big focus on ‘Upbeat Positive Engagement’. Information was presented with a high energy, interactive & fun vibe.  All vendors had engaging elements to their booths that promoted student interaction through activities, demos, etc.

Workforce WindsorEssex was a guest speaker at this event, and our booth had a fun Game Wheel with challenging questions about the in-demand sectors in our region. We also fun colouring sheets that highlighted the 6 in-demand sectors!

Volunteer Opportunities Webpage! 

Whether you are looking to obtain your necessary community service hours for school, want to get more involved in the community, or are looking to gain some experience while looking for a job, check below for local volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to list a volunteer opportunity on our website please email weskills@workforcewindsoressex.com.

Volunteer Opportunities

Gordie Howe International Bridge Jobs Opportunities Page:

To stay up to date on employment opportunities related to the Gordie Howe International Bridge, sign up for our WEjobs email list to receive almost daily emails with information on local job opportunities, job fairs, short-term training programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Bridge Jobs Page

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