The COVID-19 crisis has undoubtedly impacted us regionally and globally, changing the way we work, conduct business, and go about our daily lives.

From navigating how to work from home, survive business closures and lay-offs, and simply not being able to participate in the many daily activities that were part of our lives a short time ago, this has been a difficult transition for many.

Responding to this, Workforce WindsorEssex has shifted gears in an effort to support the community in getting through this challenging time. Our team has put together new resources and is generating new research that we hope will help our community come out stronger.


Workforce WindsorEssex is working with the City of Windsor to develop an Essential Worker Registry to help fill essential roles in businesses locally. As well, Workforce WindsorEssex promoted two surveys about the impacts of COVID-19. The results of these surveys will be used to better inform efforts and advocacy to support the community through these challenging times. Workforce WindsorEssex thanks you for your time and for sharing your experience.

Essential Worker Registry

Essential Worker RegistryThe City of Windsor, as an Employment Ontario service provider, is pleased to be participating with other service providers and Workforce WindsorEssex to develop an Essential Worker Registry. As part of the Windsor-Essex COVID Care Coalition, Workforce WindsorEssex will collect resumes for an Essential Worker Registry to link unemployed individuals to available essential service positions, as defined by the Province of Ontario.

This initiative will assist ETS with identifying suitable and willing candidates to fill more than 200 essential service job requests that have been received from local employers.


COVID-19 Worker Impact Survey results

On April 22, 2020, Workforce WindsorEssex, in partnership with six other workforce planning boards that are part of Workforce Planning West, released their COVID-19 Worker Impact Survey Results to help inform the ongoing development of responsive employment-related initiatives.

The survey collected 2,568 responses across 16 counties in Southwestern Ontario, including 567 responses in Windsor-Essex.

COVID-19 Business Impact Survey RESULTS

On April 14, 2020, the Windsor Essex COVID-19 Economic Task Force released the results from its COVID-19 Business Impact Survey, which asked businesses for input around current and expected impacts they are facing due the pandemic. The COVID-19 Business Impact Survey was open from March 22 to April 8, 2020 and received 575 responses from businesses in the Windsor-Essex region, with a completion rate of 72%.

To view aggregated data from the COVID-19 Business Impact Survey, visit the Windsor Essex COVID-19 Business Impact Survey Dashboard. This data can be filtered by business size, sector, and municipality to create custom reports.


Workforce WindsorEssex has compiled additional resources to support you and your family during this complicated time.

Help for Laid Off Workers

We have consolidated resources aimed at helping workers affected by layoffs, now including a section on Covid-19 Relief for Workers. This page is updated regularly as more information becomes available. Topics include:

  • Covid-19 Relief for Workers
  • Financial & Social Supports
  • Job Finding Tools
  • Employment Services
  • Skills Upgrading for Adults
  • Learn About Hiring Trends

Working from Home Resources

Many workplaces are encouraging their employees to work from home to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19. If you have a job that you are able to do from home, you may find it a challenge to adapt.

We’ve compiled some tips and resources below to help you make the most out of working from home.

  • Helpful Tips
  • Taking Care of Your Family
  • Mental Health and Physical Health
  • Keeping In Touch
  • Resources

Learning from Home

Workforce WindsorEssex has assembled a list of resources for learning from home. Workforce WindsorEssex hopes to aid parents and educators during this challenging time by ensuring that students can continuing learning, from the comfort of home, with these helpful resources.

We have compiled resources to encourage learning from home for the following groups:

  • For Kids
  • All Ages
  • Adult Learning


To keep up-to-date with the most accurate information about COVID-19 in Windsor-Essex, visit the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.