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WEmap Census Tool

As part of our WEmap LMI project, we have launched a new online tool called WEmap censusThis new tool makes it easier for local partners in industry, government, education, and service provision to visualize, interact and retrieve census data for the Windsor-Essex region.

WEmap census allows users to explore 14 categories of census data for Windsor-Essex, including 897 individual data points, at both the census tract and census subdivision level. Users can filter census tracts by criteria, visually compare data values across the region, and select multiple census tracts to view and print combined statistics. This new tool will make it easier for local organizations to access and use data for business planning purposes and for program evaluation and improvements by better understanding where their clients reside.

WEmap census Tool

A Guide to Creating Mapping Tools

Following the success of WEmap jobs and WEmap census, Workforce WindsorEssex is releasing A Guide to Creating Mapping Tools based on local best-practices and the organization’s experiences. The guide, which is available in English and French, provides advice on topics such as mapping software, project planning, gathering data, and sharing mapping tools in the community.

Workforce WindsorEssex hopes the mapping guide will be used by other organizations so they can develop and launch their own mapping tools as a way to improve decision making, business planning and operations, and service to individuals in the region.

View the Mapping Guide

 Bridge Jobs Guide

This job guide shares information about the new Gordie Howe International Bridge, how the community can access job postings, and lists 151 occupations that will be required over the 6 year build and 30 year operation and maintenance period. 

In addition to the 2,500 jobs forecasted by Bridging North America to construct and operate the new bridge, we predict that another 1,091 spin-off jobs will be created.

To learn more about the kinds of jobs that will be required in the construction phase, the operations and maintenance phase, and the wide variety of jobs that will be induced as a result of the historic infrastructure project, please download and read the guide below.

Bridge Jobs Guide

Cultural Industry Day

Cultural Industry Day was presented by the Arts Council Windsor and Region and Workforce WindsorEssex. It was a full day, workshop and learning event for Grade 11 and 12 high school students that provided a look at careers that use creative skills or are in the creative arts field. This event offered students an engaging panel discussion with five local creative professionals from different backgrounds including; music, literary arts, visual arts, design, and the performing arts. This was followed by a chance to see demonstrations and to participate in activities during breakout sessions with professional artists and creatives. 

Cultural Industry Day

Check out all of the tweets on Twitter by viewing Cultural Industry Day “Twitter Moment”

 LEPC4 Projects (2019-2020)

April 1st marks the start of LEPC4 for our Local Employment Planning Council Team and we are already hard at work! We are so excited to announce these 7 fantastic new projects: 

LEPC4 Projects

Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership Success Story:

WE SPEAC Project (Windsor Essex Service Providers Enabling Access to Communication)
A project team comprised of representatives from education, health and newcomer serving agencies has been meeting regularly over the past few months to develop a project charter and to determine project timelines and deliverables.

PURPOSE: To reduce language barriers experienced by persons seeking healthcare services in the Erie. St. Clair region.
GOAL: To increase regional health service provider (HSP) agencies’ knowledge and use of available services, technologies, tools, and approaches that effectively reduce language barriers.

To view this full story and access previous WE LIP success stories, please visit the WE LIP Web Page:

WE LIP Web Page

WE Value Update: 

The WE Value Client Management System (CMS) is scheduled to allow for an internal soft launch at the YMCA-SWO in July. In preparation, Workforce WindsorEssex will be scheduling community engagement and stakeholder meetings through April and May to collect information that will allow the system to generate client referrals. The assessment itself has received ethical approval from the University of Windsor Research Ethics Board and the assessors from the YMCA-SWO and other partner settlement advisors received a full-day Motivational Interviewing workshop on March 29th.

Photo: The participants from the Motivational Interviewing workshop with their certificates of completion.

WE Value Webpage

Monthly Job Demand Report: March 2019

We released the Job Demand Report for March, examining a total of 2,865 job postings from 9 local municipalities:

  • There were 300+ more jobs posted this month than last month.
  • The Top Occupation by Job Posting was: Transport Truck Driver
    • 187 Job Postings.
  • The top Sector hiring this month was: Sales/ Business
  • 86% off all job postings were for full time positions, and 92% were permanent positions

Get the full info-graphic report below, including more information on in-demand skills and top occupations.

Job Demand Report

March 2019 Labour Force Survey Release:

Each month we release information gathered from Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey about the local workforce:

  • The employment rate increased to 59.4%
  • The labour force increased by 2700
  • The participation rate increased 0.8% to 62.9%

View the full info graphic report below, including more on employment in the region:

Labour Force Survey

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Gordie Howe International Bridge Job Opportunities

Follow along on our website for updates and job postings related to Gordie Howe International Bridge Job Opportunities

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Bridge Jobs Page


Redefining Retirement Workforce Summit Highlights
– February 20, 2019

On February 20, 2019, Workforce WindsorEssex organized the Redefining Retirement Workforce Summit at St. Clair Centre for the Arts, in partnership with our event partners. The event brought employers together to learn from each other and key speakers on important topics such as knowledge transfer, engaging an aging workforce, offering benefits to older workers, and succession planning.
To learn more about the event visit: www.workforcewindsoressex.com/summit

Our Last Quarterly Survey Bulletin has been released:
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