2021-2022 Local Labour Market Plan



Over the last decade, Workforce WindsorEssex has produced six LLMPs that have provided insight on sector trends and industry-related education, as well as local labour market solutions through strategic action plans. The 2021-2022 LLMP highlights similarities across the last six reports, such as whether the same jobs have continued to be in-demand, if there is still a gender disparity in traditionally male-dominated industries, and if sectors are still facing the same employee retention challenges over the last 10 years.

The 2021-2022 LLMP provides strategic recommendations through interactive links to industry-related education and Workforce WindsorEssex labour market tools, industry-related information, videos, and blogs. The report will continue to address the pandemic’s influence on the local labour market and includes COVID-19 recovery efforts relating to industry or financial support.

Some key challenges include the age and education of our workforce, as well as the overall participation rate. Other challenges dig deeper into gender, migration, and income issues that prevent greater participation in the labour market.

Some opportunities and recommendations from the report include:

  • Encouraging businesses to collaborate with local educational institutions to offer hard skill development, soft skill development, on-site training, and online training to retain current employees, promote career growth, and recruit future employees.
  • Supporting education for career pathways by integrating student career success and experiential learning into teaching, course, and program requirements to ensure students in post-secondary education have meaningful engagement with their field of study and possible careers, allowing for real workplace experience during schooling and preparing students for their post-graduation career.
  • Promoting government business supports (such as the Skills Development Fund SDF) so employers are aware and can apply for applicable funding.
  • Increasing childcare supports to narrow the gap of continued disparity between male and female labour force participation.

This data-rich report outlines challenges and opportunities related to local labour market conditions, providing partners in government, community planning, economic development, industry, education, employment and settlement services, community organizations, and others insight into how each challenge can be overcome.

The LLMP provides an update on the local labour market, including information on demographics, the labour force, Employment Ontario services, and industry in Windsor-Essex, following a detailed review and analysis of available data from Statistics Canada, Employment Ontario, and Emsi Analyst as well as employer surveys and consultations conducted by Workforce WindsorEssex.


On Feb. 10th we held a walkthrough of the new report and a group discussion of report findings. Watch the event here.

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