The results are in for October’s employer survey…


Monthly Local Labour Market WFWE

The results are in for our employer survey looking at the month of October 2011. 

We'd like to thank the 12 employers who participated.

Workforce WindsorEssex Monthly Local Employer Labour Survey captures information on what sectors are doing well and what occupations are in-demand or on a downturn. 

The five main questions asked to local employers include identifying their business sector, if they have increased or decreased staff, by how many and in what occupations. 

Based on survey responses, a Labour Market Facts Sheet has been developed to help human resource professionals and anyone in business looking to recruit or retain talent. 


**Names of businesses participating in the survey are kept confidential and individual responses are not shared.**



Highlights from October's survey:



Click here for October's Labour Market Facts Sheet

  • Of the employers who participated, 66.7% indicated their employment remained the same; of the other 33.3%, 1 reported a decrease, while 4 employers increased staff.

The next survey covering the month of November will be available starting Monday, December 5th and closing Friday, December 9th  


Are you an employer or business owner who wants to participate in this survey?


Stay tuned to Workforce WindsorEssex for the results…




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