The time is nearing for the AODA to come into effect…


What you have to do to comply with the Customer Service Standard?

The legislation requires that your business be in compliance by January 1, 2012.

Click here for the Out of The Box Toolkit to get prepared.



The new Customer Service Standard will ensure more business accessibility through the adoption of a few simple measures:


Set up a policy on how people with disabilities can access your goods and service


Communicate with people with disabilities in a manner that takes into account his or her disability


Provide training-to staff and any other people who interact with the public on your behalf on topics as outlined in the customer service standard

Service Animals

Allow people with disabilities to be accompanied by their guide dog or service animal in those areas open to the public

Support Persons

Permit people with disabilities who use a support person to bring that person with them.

Temporary Disruptions

Provide notice when the facilities or services that people with disabilities rely on are temporarily disrupted


Make sure people can provide feedback on how you provide goods or services to people with disabilities and make it clear how people can provide this

**If you are an organization or company with 20 employees or more you should note that there are some additional requirements around written documentation.**


To help you comply with the legislation in meeting the requirements of the new Customer Service Standard use the Out of the Box Customer Service Toolkit now available to view online or print. 


Improving accessibility to your goods and services by removing and preventing barriers helps everyone.


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